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Дзвінки безкоштовні зі всіх номерів стаціонарних і
мобільних операторів зв'язку України

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Еко мапа

Infographic from UHBDP

Stories of successful
use of environmental technology

Iryna Savchenko

The biggest help from the UHBDP was that I went to Israel from MASHAV. I saw a new approach to agribusiness, saw a lot of new modern greenhouses. One thing to watch on the Internet, but quite another - to visit there and see everything alive.

Lubov Voronkova

The most important thing for me is the effect of the drug involved. First, to increase yields. And secondly, an important reduction in the cost of work and the facilitation of physical labor. I learned from the Project how to make production of my products cheaper, thus, to my advantage, and customers get a quality product at a lower price.

Volodymyr Khomut

Volodymyr Khomut has been cultivating vegetables and fruits in Vitovsky district of Mykolaiv region for more than 10 years. Worked both with greenhouses and with open ground. The borscht type vegetables did not bring the expected revenues, and the figures of the financial report at the end of each season pushed for search of new cultures, new technologies. So the laboratory appeared in vitro.

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